Bivouac West is owned and operated by Roland Emery and Deborah Guillory-Emery.

Roland Emery is an Architectural Designer, former ski racer, husband and father of two sons, Entrepreneur and Contractor/Manager with 28 years in the Industry as a tree planter, supervisor, manager, and contractor.

Deborah Guillory-Emery has over 20 years experience in General and Marketing management and an MBA from Stanford University.

We are based in Alert Bay, B.C., at the North end of Vancouver Island. Our work is located mostly on the coastal mainland and Vancouver Island.

Significance of our┬áname: “Bivouac”

The word “Bivouac” has its origins in the French language. It literally means a “mountain camp”, and generally was used to describe a hidden observation post established in the mountains to warn locals of any invading enemy. Over time, it became a military term and finally evolved into a mountaineering term used to describe an overnight camp established during a climb or an expedition.